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Theology on Tap: The Strength of Mercy

20 March, 2016 (19:53) | Connect, Events, Fellowship, Theology on Tap | By: Erin Massura

  • Theology on Tap: The Strength of Mercy
  • Wednesday, March 30, 2016: 7-10pm
  • Pietro’s Italian Restaurant
    2780 Birchcrest Dr SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506
It’s that time again! Time for another epic Theology on Tap hosted by Catholic Connect at the fabulous Peitro’s Italian Restaurant. Come mingle for a short time and then enjoy dinner while John Graveline, Director of Faith Formation at Saint Luke’s Parish in Allendale gives his presentation entitled “The Strength of Mercy.”

All around us, we get the message that success and achievement comes from self-aggrandizement and the willingness to avenge the wrongs done to you. Those who show mercy are portrayed as weak and lacking in self-respect. However, in this Year of Mercy, Pope Francis is reminding our world that true power comes from the strength of merciful love. We see this illustrated concretely in by living the works of mercy. In this presentation, we’ll explore the true meaning of mercy found in the Gospel and how we can concretely live it in our present times with power, self-dignity, and solidarity.